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My dear Waitaha Family - solar eclipse February 2008

There is a special occasion while I am writing this EMail. I know many of us are taking part on the Easter Islands and Moorea Journey with Drunvalo. I don't know whether this was planned but you have chosen a good time. There will be a solar eclipse which can be seen in the Antarctis area, Australia, NewZealand and part of the South Pacific area as well. Now this will happen in NewZealand on February 7 before sunset (late afternoon). On Moorea however it is somewhat different. I am not so familiar with the international date line in that area. According to my understanding you will enjoy part of the solar eclipse on February 6 before sunset - but not the full because the sun sets.......I hope you will be still there on Moorea. Your itinerary saye so, but I am not sure how the date line was adapted.....

Nevertheless there is something special I want to tell you about New Moon and Solar Eclipses. Old cultures and indigenous peoples were and still are celebrating New Moon as much as Full Moon - if not more! On new moon we have a Sun/Moon Conjunction. This is the time when a seed is set or planted or when a new impulse is given. So approximately three days around New Moon (when you can not see the Moon) these tribes were meditating or sitting together and setting the new impuls to come for the next period. This period then last until the next New Moon. There is something special about New Moon and Solar Eclipses. Since this happens approximately twice a year, the seed ore impulse that is set at this specific New Moon will last until the next Solar Eclipse which means approximately half a year later.

Why do I feel to tell you that.....Dear Drunvalo, you and the group will do something very special on Moorea because it is around a New Moon and Solar Eclipse phase. So this seed will last and be seen until the next Solar Eclipse (August 1, 2008). But since the Solar Eclipses belong to so called Saros Cycles we will have this seed coming back again later. The solar eclipses of this Saros Cycles (No 121) will end in February 2026. I will have to go deeper into what that means, but I find this "coincidence" very interesting and special.

So I thank you Drunvalo and the whole group for what you are doing, because my heart tells me, it is something very special.

Love and Hugs from Switzerland - Silvan, Rita and Paloma Marama