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Reise 2.
Tahiti - Moorea - Easter Island
Reise 3.
Valle de Elqui - Easter Island - Moorea + extensionCook Islands
Reise 4.
Easter Island - Moorea + extension Maui
Reise 5.
Valle de Elqui - Easter Island


Our journey will start in the little town Vicuna in the middle of the Andean mountains, circa 500 KM north of the capital of Chile, Santiago de Chile, where we gather in our hotel. Morning and afternoon are free to get used to the fresh air, the height of this place and to sleep jetlag away.

Together we will Carolina in Valle Elqui near Cochihuazexplore the Valley of Elqui, where the strong electro-magnetic energy radiates its light. We will enjoy the splendid nature and wildness of these beautiful valleys high in the Andean mountains. Snow peaks high as 5.500 Meter above sealevel border the valleys and to the East we find the border to Argentina.

Horses will bring us to places we can not reach hiking. There will be plenty of time for each to connect with this worldchakra point and meditate.

Depending on the weatherlots of wine for the famous Chilean drink: pisco sour we have several options and will invite the divine to guide us. This part of the world has the cleanest and purest air of the southern hemisphere and over 10 modern observatories were build to observe the skies and stars. I have never seen so many details (like the 2 rings around Jupiter for exemple) in my life!!! Wonderful und mysterious!! Is the weather good, we will be invited on a tour through the stars at night!! One observatory, Mamalluca, is open for public at some nights.

After some days we will travel back to Santiago and take a flight to Easter Island, called Rapa Nui by its local population of 4000. The island lies 2,400 miles from the mainland of Chile and is one of the most isolated human habitation in the world.

Our hotel is surrounded by lovely gardens and located near the ocean and the centre of the village. You will feel immediately the high speedy energy of the island and will discover how easy it is, to become a member of the Rapa Nui community.

We will gather for a first celebrationFish on lava stones and walk along the coast to reach the location where we will enjoy our first Easter Island family meal. To honour the locals and their culture on this very first day on the island, we will have a traditional curanto / tunuahi in a private setting near the ocean. The local food is cooked in the traditional way on hot lava stones, partly covered with earth and leaves.Ceremony before a race A special smal ceremonial meal will be prepared to honour the Gods and all food will be blessed by traditional prayers, dances and chants. Musicians and dancers will show us their dances and songs.

During our stay we will explore Rapa Nui on all levels and again invite the Divine to guide us, so we will be at the right spot in the right moment for meditations, ceremonies and healings. The island is pure magic and once used to the flow of high energy all becomes easy and flowing.

Our next flight brings us to Tahiti, where we arrive late at night.Ceremony before a race In the morning you will discover its wonderful flowers and smells. This is real Polynesia!! After breakfast at the hotel you have free time to enjoy the beach. The beaches of Tahiti are protected by coral reefs; this is the real Polynesian and Pacific feeling!!

By the end of the morning we will drive to Papeete where you will have free time for a nice French or Polynesian lunch, for shopping at the famous Tahitian market or at the little shops in town.

We gather at the harbour to board an afternoon ferry to Moorea. This is a wonderful half hour trip to enjoy the spectacular sights of the famous volcanic island of Moorea Ceremony before a racecoming nearer. Transfer to and check-in to our hotel, which is located on the coast and has direct access to the famous turquoise lagoons.

On our first day in Moorea we will visit several sacred sites and spots in the mountains, accompanied by our Polynesian guides, enjoy the loving feminine energies, the beautiful beaches, the lagoons, nature and wild life.

In our days on Moorea we will be guided where to go, where to be, where to participate in ceremonies or rituals and where to sit quietly and meditate.

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