Spiritual Travel for the Heart


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Moorea, Easter Island and Tahiti are very strong energy vortexes in the enormous South Polynesian ocean and also island pearls between Peru - Chile and the magic islands of Fiji and New Zealand.

Chile is a country that is getting more important for the world each day, as it homes the location of Andean mountainsthe new main world chakra, also called the seat of the Serpent of Light, the Kundalini center. The energy is strongly feminine, electrical and indicates we are on the brink of a new era, coming to us for another 13.000 years.

You will welcome this new energy on sacred sites and spots in the high Andean mountains, where we will be meditating, accompanied by our Polynesian indigenious guides.

Drunvalo Melchizedek's newest Book *The Serpent of Light* speaks about the moving of the Serpent of Light from Tibet to Chile!!)

We will be guided where to go, where to be, where to participate in ceremonies or rituals and where to sit quietly and meditate. Nature and the stars are guiding us here.

After some time with the Serpent of Light energy, we fly to Magic Easter Island, also called Rapa Nui by the locals

It lies 2,400 miles from Tahiti and is a five hours flight, the island is 18x9 miles big and a lovely very special place to be. Leaving the plane you will feel the high energy and in the following days you will experience how easy it is, to become a member of the Rapa Nui community.

We will gather for celebrations in front of famo Moai's, the great stone statuesFish on lava stones. To honour the locals and their culture on this very first day on their island, we will enjoy a traditional curanto meal near the ocean. This meal is cooked on hot lava stones covered with earth and leaves.Ceremony before a race A ceremonial meal will be specially prepared and all food will be blessed by traditional prayers, dances and chants. Musicians and dancers will show us their dances and songs.

During our stay we will explore our memories of ancient Lemuria that want to be re-membered. The Divine will guide us, so be confident, that we will always be at the right spot at the right moment for meditations, ceremonies, healings and all wonders that want to happen spontaniously. The island is pure magic and once adapting to the flow of special energies, all seems easy, simple and divine.

We will meditate at the special spot where we dreamt the helaing of the ancestors with Drunvalo's group in January 2008