Sun Disk Activation Journey 12.12.12 to Peru & Bolivia
7. - 18. Dezember

Cosmic Alignment Celebration with the Mayan Elders in Mexico
19. - 23. Dezember

+ Playa del Carmen / Mexico Beach Holiday Extension
23. - 28. Dezember

You can join us on our 12.12.12 Journey to ancient Power Places in Peru & Bolivia plus to the Galactic Alignment Celebrations 12.21.12 with the Mayan Elders in Yucatan

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For the End of 2012 are you looking to
- have a spiritual Adventure?
- Re-connect with your inner shamanic power & bring your spirit into wholeness
- Travel with soulmates to feel save and experience more?
- experience the magnificence of your own being and your true nature?
- Celebrate the birth of a new World Vision for 2012-2013?

Have you felt the call to journey to Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Tiwanaku and Chichen Itza?
Now in 2012, at the end of the great Cycle, is the perfect time to answer this call! We invite you to join us on an authentic Sacred Journey along the pathways of Peru’s and Bolivia’s ancient civilizations.

Oneness Travel offers life changing sacred journeys to fascinating and ancient power places on Earth. Travelling with us, you start to feel how we are ALL ONE, how we are only ONE family on Mother Earth and feelings of respect, love, compassion and joy for others, no matter which color they have, become natural.

Travelling in groups encourages us to move past the illusion of our daily lives and connect on a deep level with the ancient and indigenous spiritual traditions. These spiritual adventures take us to other realms and support you to go back to your life with a deeper perception of how you would like your life to be.

You’ll be meeting local shamans and share their passion for their ancient traditions and culture as we visit world famous sites, designed during those ancient times to align us with divine consciousness. Amazon Shaman in Water CeremonyAt the end of our Sacred Journey, you will have many new ideas about the direction you’re going in life and about how you can better serve humanity and Mother Earth.

You will see spontaneously the limiting beliefs that are preventing you from living your dreams and from feeling free and accepted. Within the heart of every human is a natural desire for an inner quest for personal freedom and inner peace.

Wonderful Elders and Shamans share their wisdom of the heart with us while we visit temples thousands of years old and guide us into the soul and galactic dimensions of these sacred places and into the mystery itself. During our travel we will enjoy intensive, colorful ceremonies and rituals, dance, drums and prayer, we will chant and sit in silent meditation with our worldwide brothers and sisters to create the energy for transformation both map_peruinside and out.

The world has begun to recognize the Andes as the new spiritual center of the planet. Galactic Star- and Sungates to new dimensions of awareness are opening to us and ancient, hidden knowledge is being activiated, due to the beginning of the new, 10th Pachakuti (cosmic cycle). Andean history is divided into segments of 1000 years, with a transformational era in the middle, every 500 years. We recently passed one of these historical transitions in 1992. It is called Pachakuti "turning of the times."

These times the Condor calls the Eagle and perhaps you heard this call??? Your heart will tell you that you must go, to again be part of the Children of the Sun coming home. This powerful prophecy of the Andes is about “the Eagle (North America) and the Condor (South America)” coming together as ONE. During our Sacred Re-Union of the Panamerican Elders and tribes in the Yucatan/Mexico in March 2033, Hundreds of us were present to support the first large activation of the Eagle and Condor getting together. It symbolizes the unifying of the Eagle and the Condor within, of the divine Masculine and the divine Feminine, of the outer and the inner world, of the mind and the Heart and of darkness and light. Unify as ONE, in Love. Everywhere in Mexico and South-America you will find legends of the Eagle and Condor flying together, being a symbol of the New Times!!!

Join us on one (Peru and Bolivia) or the other (Mexico) Journey or join us on both combined as we invite you to some of South America's most spiritually impressive destinations in only one trip!

About the importance of December 21
The Cosmic Alignment in December 2012 with our Sun (and Earth) moving into what the Mayan Elders often called the "Uterus of the Galaxy" is a mega important moment in time! Many ancient cultures have detailed legends, prophysies, rock drawings and calendars about this moment. The world has been waiting for this moment a long time.

It is moment where change is possible; a moment in which we will get an enormous download of the highest light from this Center Spot of the Galaxy; a moment where we, as consciouss human beings can be co-creating with the divine light, guided by profound love and respect, to create a flow of extraordinary power capable to embrace all life, all actions, and all shades, so we can change from inside out and become the real cosmic beings we have always been, all these centuries!! Golden City Itzamal Oneness of the Heart is born.

As so much energy is involved in all these celebrations during the end of 2012, we feel that our program will be perfect. It will be guided by Spirit and the Mayan Angel Masters. So please be prepared to find "ever changing programs" for these 3 days. All is perfect!!!

Why did the Maya pick this date 2012 of the winter solstice??
On Dec. 21 we will see a special alignment in the skies. every year we see an alignment, but this one is special. The sun will be in the middle of the dark rift and 4 planets (Mars, Pluto, Mercury and Venus) will line up and what is called the Tree of Life is formed in the sky. Actual Astronomy of 2012 & the Sacred Triple Rebirth of the Sun

Another unique galactic alignment occured in 1998, connected to the galactic equator.(every 26.000 years the galactic alignment, that happens normally every year, is at the same time as the winter solstice). Now this December 21 alignment is bound to take place. We are heading for the brightest part of the Milky Way, blocked by lots of dust and so it creates light/dark pattern in the sky. It is called the dark rift. If we could see clearly, we would see the sun moving near the brightest section of the Milky Way, right across the middle of the dark rift.

As the Mayan Calendar (long count calendar =5,125 years) is rotating, December 21, 2012 will (probably) be the first day of the next cycle. I always felt that speaking to Mayan Elders, they thought that the ancient teachings and wisdom were correct and showed, by picking the year 2012, that they also knew where they were in the precessional cycle. It is this complete understanding of the rhythms of nature that allowed the Maya to create their calendar. Drunvalo Melchizedek once told me/us: "Only the Maya and Nasa know exactly where we are in the universe, in Space and Time!"

So let's be exited and look forward to this moment in time. We will be bathing in sooo much light, that every single one on planet Earth can choose to download and integrate it and re-member who we are!

So from the viewpoint of the Maya, December 21, 2012 is more than just another winter solstice; it is the most important winter solstice of all the winter solstices throughout the entire great year. This therefore makes this day the single most important day in the entire great year! There are over 9.4 million days in the great year and the Maya have picked this day as the day the great year restarts!

Want to read more about it?? I like this detailed article!!!

As many recent events make clear, there has never been a more important time to wake up,
get active and get together in large groups!!
The great Cosmic Force which assists Mother Earth,
requires the presence of conscious beings to successfully fulfill its role

Tiwanaku Uros Islas Peru Corn

Star & Sungate Activation Peru & Bolivia December 7-18: US$ 3699 in double
Cosmic Alignment Celebration Mexico December 19-23: US$ 1299 in double
Playa Del Carmen Extension Vacation December 23-28: US$ 899 in double


E-mail Contact: Oneness Travel for the Heart

Are you looking to/for

- A spiritual Adventure?
- Experience the powerful Inka sacred sites of Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and Tiwanaku?
- Re-connect with your inner shamanic Power
- Travelling with Soulmates to feel save and experience more?
- Bring your spirit into wholeness
- become vibrational alive
- Take this opportunity to consciously let go of all you have experienced, in this life and the ones before?
- embrace the darkness and lightness of the last cosmic cycle of 26,000 years.
- Join us to celebrate the high energies of 2012 to nurture your spirit
- experience the magnificence of your own being; experience your true nature?
- Let go of the old paradigms in your life that no longer serve you?
- Becoming fully aware of the integral oneness of your three inner worlds
- Pacha Mama our Mother Earth to encourage you to realign and nurture your body and soul
- How you can support Mother Earth and the Cosmic Beings in their work?
- Celebrate the birth of a new world vision for 2012?

What this Sacred Journey is not!

- This is not just a tourist tour, but a spiritual journey!
- This is not a Wellness or Spa trip to relax
- This is not your tour if you want to be alone all the time
- This is not a holiday vacation with beach and ocean
- This is not a good trip if you have heart problems or asthma (height!!)

You can join us on either Sacred Journeys or contact us for combining them and UNITE THE CONDOR & EAGLE in the inner realms of your being!!!

PROGRAM both Journeys - December 7-28: Day 1 - December 7
You arrive on the morning flight to Cuzco. Check in at the Hotel where you will be welcomed. Time to “arrive” and adapt to the altitude (3.400 m/ 10.200 feet). Cusco CityAfter lunch you will have time to walk around historical Cuzco, experience the energy of the sacred places, the beautiful Spanish Churches and large squares. Dinner on your own or time to go to bed early. (L)

Day 2 - December 8
Breakfast at the hotel. Early morning we board our bus to Ollantaytambo, where we visit the ancient pyramid site, climb the high stairs and gather at the sacred Sun Temple on the top. In the late afternoon we board the famous Inka Trail train to Aquas Calientes, the starting point for our visit to Machu Picchu. Dinner at the Hotel (B/LBox/D)

Day 3 - December 9
Breakfast at the hotel. In the early morning our bus brings us to the famous City of the Condor Machu Picchu, one of the 7 world wonders, at an altitude of 2000 m (2000 feet). Carolina 2011 in Machu PicchuWe have the whole day to explore and experience this ancient temple site. Spirit will guide where to be. We will visit the Temple of the Condor, the Sun, the Moon or the 3 windows and ceremony will spontaneously happen at various sacred power places.

Before entering Machu Picchu we will ask permission from the Keepers of this sacred ancient Inca city, the puma, the condor, Father Sun and all the Lightbeings that reign here since ages, to enter the city, to be protected and to meditate.

You will experience how the Machu Picchu enhances all prayers and inward meditations, as we enter a strong energy matrix here. You return on your own in one of the luxurious Mercedes buses to Aquas Calientes. We meet again for a group dinner at the hotel. (B/LBox/D)

Copacabana Tiwanaku Sillustani

Day 4 - December 10
Breakfast at the hotel. Early morning we take the famous Inka Train back to Ollantaytambo, where our bus is waiting to bring us to Cuzco airport. We fly over the high mountain ranges of the Andes and the cordillera to Juliaca. Our bus brings us to Puno / Chucuito to join others at Lake Titicaca at 3.800 m / 11.400 feet.

We will join many in powerful celebrations and ceremonies over the next 3 days. A highlight will be the Stargate Activations and the honoring of Father Sun, the Sun behind the Sun on 12.12.12 and reactivate the Sacred Solar Disk hidden in Lake Titicaca.Sacred City Machu Picchu Upon arrival we gather with our soul family for dinner and will ask permission to go into ceremony by the vortex and fields of power of our ancestors. A Fire ceremony will be held. Overnight in our hotel in Chucuito. (B/D)

Day 5 - December 11
Breakfast at the hotel. Groups, at different times, will leave the hotel towards Aramu Muru. In the way to this sacred site, we will perform a ceremony at the Light Spout and then walking by the Snake, the Puma and Condor.

From our personal Willka Uta (Home of Divinity), we will be able to experience our own Divinity, which will permit us to reach the physic Doorway and going through it with all of our bodies, being connected with Gods who are in the other side, in that plane, which we can reach if we let go of our old fears. Box lunch. Water Ceremony on Lake TiticacaAfter the ceremony we will be driven to the beach of Charcas where, bare feet, we can walk by the shore of the sacred lake to do a cleansing ceremony in the water. Return to the hotel. Overnight in Chucuito (B/LBox/D)

Day 6 - December 12 – THE PORTAL AND NEW TIME OF 12-12-12
Breakfast at the hotel. We will leave the hotel towards the marvelous Cosmic Portal: Lake Titicaca. We will visit the unique and ancient civilization of the Uros people who live on floating islands. After the visit, and from the deep part of our hearts, we will perform an offering ceremony to the Mother Water, the Divine mother, showing our gratitude for LIFE.

We will do the “Life Dreaming” ceremony, which is the dream of every one that is connecting with the dream of all the humanity, for a new time of life, based on LOVE. What a great opportunity, here and now, to be in touch with the Divine Mother, the Mother Earth, Mother Water and the Divine Cosmos!!!. After this wonderful experience, we will have a lovely voyage by the womb of the mother Water, which is the cradle of the Sun’s Children. We will arrive at the island of Taquile, located in the middle of the lake Titicaca, in front of the Apu Illampu (Spirit of the Mountain) and the Royal Range.

At the beach of this peaceful island, we will do the main ceremony to reactivate the Solar Disk and to connect with our Inner Sun, the Central Sun and the Sun behind the Sun. We will be able to practice all these Sun ceremonies to receive the Sun in our Hearts, beginning a new life in a new future. Overnight in Chucuito (B/L/D)

Amaru Muru Isla del Sol Islas Uros

Day 7 - December 13
Today, we will go by the vortex or fields of power of Sillustani. This sacred site invites us to a deep analysis of life, death and rebirth, so we can rebirth and enter into this new energy in this time of transition.

We participate in a closing ceremony at the Sun’s temple, to recognize us as the reborn children of the infinite light of the great Central Sun. Then we will be ready to assist others in their transition to this new cycle. We will have enough time for individual or group ceremonies and meditations. Return to the hotel. Overnight in our hotel in Chucuito (B/L/D)

Day 8 - December 14
Breakfast at the hotel. Early morning we leave per bus (2-hour ride) for Copacabana, a beautiful town on the Bolivian coast of Lake Titicaca. Here our boat waits to bring us to the Isla del Sol, a very sacred island, once center of ancient Inca mythology.Isla del Sol Hotel We will visit the temple of the Sun “Pilcocaina” and enjoy a wonderful hike on the island to reach our hotel. We stay overnight on the island in the Posada del Inca Hotel and have a wonderful dinner. (B/D)

Day 9 - December 15
Breakfast at the hotel. After breakfast we descend the large rock stairs that bring us from hotel to lake level. Here fishermen wait to guide us to the sacred Crystal City in the middle of Lake Titicaca. In 2000 scientists discovered in Lake Titicaca ruins of ancient structures, which were identified as temples, terraces and walls.

After a silent ceremony the boat will bring us to the northern coast of the Island of the Sun to hike uphill to the “Sacred Rock of the Puma” and the “Chincana” Pre-Inca temples. Ceremonies and lunch picnic with fabulous views on the lake and the Peruvian coast. Late afternoon our boat waits for us to drive us South to Huatajata. Dinner and overnight at the Hotel (B/Lunch Box/D)

Tiwanaku Tiwanaku Altiplano Andes

Day 10 - December 16
Breakfast at the hotel. Departure for Tiwanaku, also called Tiahuanaco south of Lake Titicaca with the famous Temple of Puma Punku. We will be here all day guided by Spirit and wonderful Bolivian guides who will lead us in ceremonies. TiwanakuThis site lies 70 km west of La Paz. Tiwanaku was an important pre-Incan city. According to legends Tiahuanaco was situated at sea level and part of the sunken continent of Lemuria.

Focus of our visit is the “Puerta del Sol”, the pyramid Akapana, as well as Puma Punku with fascinating megaliths. B/Lunch Box/D. Late afternoon the bus will bring us to our hotel where we will have our dinner.

Day 11 - December 17
Breakfast at the hotel. Whole day in Tiwanaku. Late afternoon our bus brings us to our Hotel in La Paz City. Dinner of choice in town (B/Lunch Box

Day 12 - December 18 (B)
Breakfast at the hotel. Our last day of the Peru-Bolivia Journey. Free day to visit the City, its Spanish churches, colonial Incan buildings and cafés. Time for shopping to get your souvenirs for friends and family (is very cheap here!!!) Group Lunch in town to celebrate life and all that has been accomplished and experienced. Late afternoon flight to Lima. Hotel in Lima. Dec. 19 we will take our plane to Cancun in Mexico. END OF PERU-BOLIVIA PROGRAM!!!
People that join us for the Peru-Bolivia Journey return today to their home countries leaving from La Paz Airport!

Cuzco Market Ollantaytambo Sillustani

PROGRAM MEXICO: December 19 - 23 or with vacation extension December 19 -28

Day 1 December 19
Today we travel from Lima to Yucatan in Mexico to become a living part of our next large group to celebrate this End of the Mayan Calendar in: Uxmal (feminine Pyramid!), Chichen Itza and at other pyramid & temple sites near and around Itzamal. Todays flight destination is Cancun and our final destination is the old Spanish town Itzamal, build on large Mayan pyramids and called the "Golden City".

Upon arriving in Itzamal we will be welcoming all new participants into the group, so we can merge as One. Dinner at the hotel. (B/D)

In Itzamal an old friend of mine, the Crystal Skull “Amakua” is waiting for us, now kept by my friend Star, who is the actual Keeper. During the next important days we join many indigenous Mayan Elders and other spiritual leaders to co-create with Spirit, allowing our hearts to be full of joy and abundance.

Inner Pyramide of Chichen Itza uxmal Cenote

Day 2 Dec 20
Breakfast at our hotel. Today we will keep space to be guided by Spirit and the Mayan Elders “when to be where / right moment-right spot. Indigenous Elders will guide us in Ceremony preparing for the change of the great cycle as we are preparing to start living and expression the divine feminine energy and embracing more and more these parts in us, men as well as women.

So open your heart and be ready for the experience and the participation. Return to our hotel for dinner. (B/L/D)

Day 3 Dec. 21
Breakfast at the hotel. On this central day “12.21.12” we experience the exact entry of the Winter Solstice. It is the moment where our Solar System is at its nearest point to the Central of the Galaxy. Today will be inUxmal the sacred ancient city of Uxmal, a 2 hour drive from Itzamal. Here the feminine Pyramid of AK-HE-NAH-TUN is ready to radiate its energies and a magnificent Mayan Ceremony will be held to activate these Sacred Feminine powers. Many Grandfathers from various Mayan Counsels from different parts of the “Mayalands” will be here with us as many spiritual world leaders as well. They will share their wisdom in ceremonies and gatherings with us. The Akhenahtun pyramid of Uxmal serves as a balancing force between the cosmic and terrestrial ones.

This is a space of supreme input of spiritual energy coming from our own Sun, Kinich Ahau, as well as the Suns in our Galaxy and the Galactic Centre itself, called the Galactic Kinich Ahau. The Mayan Elders prophesied that it would be in these sacred lands of the Mayab where it would be a large concentration of conscious beings who full of light and love, would help to give birth to the New Sun, to the Sun of the New Planetary Time on the special date December 21 in 2012.

After dinner in our hotel a special 12-21-12 Ceremony on top of KinichKakmo in Itzamal will be held at 11:11 pm (exact hour of the Winter Solstice) to celebrate the Winter Solstice end date of a 26,000 year cycle of time on the Mayan Calendar and the beginning of a new cycle. (B/D)

Yucatan Pyramid of Chichen Itza Pyramid of Chichen Itza

Day 4 Dec 22
Breakfast at Hotel. After breakfast the group will go to the sacred temples of Chichen Itza, the site of the Sacred Masculine. Perhaps the most famous of all the Maya archaeological sites, Chichen Itza was recently named one of the New 7 Wonders of the Ancient World. (our second “7-Wonders location during this trip!!!). From 900 to 1300 AD this was the central city of the Itza, the most powerful Mayan group in the Yucatán during the Late Classic period.

You will explore this important Mayan city with an English-speaking guide who will explain the sacred significance of the major temples—Kukulcan, the Observatory, the Temple of the High Priest and others. A short guided meditation will be held by the Cenote Xtoloc to awaken our Solar Chakras and Solar Body.Cave You will then be transported to the Maya town of Yokdzotnot to experience a wonderful open cenote (cave hole).

In Maya cosmology, cenotes are very sacred gates to Xibalba, the Maya underworld. Upon arrival you’ll enjoy a delicious lunch (price not included) at the cenote restaurant run by a collective of Maya women. There will be time to swim and we will perform a cleansing ceremony to honor the powers of Xibalba, the Mayan Underworld. We will then return to the hotel to enjoy a wonderful last group dinner to end the day. (B/D)

Day 5 Dec. 23
Breakfast at the hotel. END OF MEXICO CELEBRATION JOURNEY!!!!!

Day 1 Dec. 23
In the early morning we say goodbye to all our new friends and soul mates as we (who go for an extension week to Playa del Carmen) board our bus. On our way we will visit the temple site of Coba with its high pyramid in the middle of the jungle. Tulum People that leave today will be transported to Cancun Airport or leave on their own.

We have lunch at a small Mexican restaurant near the pyramid and after lunch we continue our bus ride to visit the large Tulum pyramid & temple site, built next to the blue Caribbean ocean. Drive to Playa del Carmen where our hotel and a dinner in one of the many little fancy restaurants are waiting for us. (B)

Day 2 Dec. 24
These next 5 days are for vacation, enjoying the ocean, the wonderful white sandy beaches and the sunny weather of Mexico and have lots of time to integrate all that was experienced. We will have one daily group event: for example, a beach ceremony with EH HAYU the large Crystal Skull that lives with its Keeper in Playa del Carmen! A snorkel swim in a beautiful mysterious deep cave, group meditation in special places or meet Shamans or Mayan Elders in their houses or where Spirit tells us to go. Playa del Carmen offers many little restaurants, fancy shops, cafés and an abundant night life. Upon wish we have a Christmas Eve Dinner tonight (B)

Day 3 Dec. 25
Breakfast at the hotel. Free time to enjoy your vacation. One Event (B) Upon wish we have a Christmas dinner tonight (B)

Day 4 Dec. 26
Breakfast at the hotel. Free time to enjoy your vacation. One Event (B)

Beach of Playa del Carmen Pyramid of Chichen Itza

Day 5 Dec. 27
Breakfast at the hotel. Free time to enjoy your vacation. One Event (B)

Day 6 Dec. 28
We enjoy our last breakfast in the hotel together as a group. The “Sacred Journey Program” ends today with our breakfast. Departure to the airport of Cancun by taxi or shuttle (your free choice) for your international flight back home. (B)


Have you been asking yourself these questions?

- whose life am I living?
- Is my life fulfilling and full of joy??
- Am I living my own dream or someone else’s dream?
- Is there something I really want to do and did not?
- Is something missing in my life?

There are moments in life where we start to question ourselves if all is well! We realize that the years pass by and we are held in a pattern of life that is not really ours. We forgot our dream and our life purpose. This is THE time to come on a Sacred Journey and reconnect your soul, heart, mind and feelings again with the “wonders of life itself” and find a new orientation for the future. Mother Earth, the Universe and Life Itself will provide you the answers on a Golden Plate and support you on your spiritual path.

All journeys in 2012