Carolina meditiert in einem Heiau - Kraftort der Kahuna
Christ Consciousness Journey to Easter Island and Moorea 2008
with Drunvalo Melchizedek
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Living in Rapa Nui / Easter Island since 2006 I got a strong dream and visions of working with a large group on this magical island. Drunvalo was in this vision too and I decided to phone him. I asked: "Don't you want to come to Easter Island, I feel we should work with the group here?" His answer came fast: "yes!" He asked me some questions to see what information I had received about this event and why I thought it would be important.

Well we soon decided the right divine time would be January/February 2008 and on his request I started the preparations to organize this trip.

When I had planned the program, Diane contacted all the people and as so many wanted to come, we decided to allow up to 77 participants to join the group.

So at the end we were 83 in total. I was very exited to organize a group as large and knew I was in the right time in the right spot!!!

Everything unfolded in front of me, as if a red carpet was openend and I could go step by step and just follow the divine signs.

We travelled to Moorea after 7 wonderful, powerful days on Easter Island and did the main ceremony on a sacred beach on Moorea. The Christ Unity Consciousness Grid got activated and is in place now for the survival of mankind. It was just wonderful and I deeply felt, I had complished one of my life purposes!

Here some pictures, stories and mp3's from this Christ Unity Grid Journey 2008

Story about this Sacred Journey from a participant

The group on the first day in Rapa Nui along the coast of Rapa Nui going to the cave

Before we started travelling and doing ceremony we were welcomed by the ocean, the people, the air and the eart. Here we all get a welcome from the tribes and Drunvalo gets his own *oceanic collar*

The statues, called Moais are showing us theirs coloured Chakras in Tongariki, where 16 statues are standing tall. A magical spot of great energies

Rapa Nui beginning ceremony

Rapa Nui beginning ceremony

Ruth Tai, a Maori Elder from auckland / New Zealand came with us and was an important support between the group and the indigenious people. Many times she would chant her sacred Maori songs with and for us

Benito explains history at one of the Moais sites

Ruth Tai and Carolina at one of the most famous trails passing the vulcano mountain, from which the Moais are carved. You can see many moais still in the mountain rocks, halfway carved. A very special experience!!

After the Unity Grid ceremony in Moorea, wonderful ambiance..and breakfast

Ruth, Camila, Carolina at the bar in our great Moorea hotel

WE are coming toan end with the group, the small Moorea Air planes are waiting to bring the people leaving to the international airport of Tahiti. Time to say goodbye. From left: Ruth Tai, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Diane Cooper, Carolina Hehenkamp

Papa Materau (left us 2008) was the highest Elder from Moorea. Here you seee him at the Festival in the Marquesian Islands in 2007

Drunvalo is thanking Camila for her translation and telling her: "she has been a wonderful surprise present for the group"

After the group left for their different international locations, I returned home to Easter Island and experienced how all was already starting to change!!!

I could feel the changes right on the day I came back from Moorea as the group left. People were re-acting too and some of them seems confused. Some were feeling exactly what was happening and could speak about it to me. One week after returning from Moorea these light beams started to appear at night at around 9 pm, mostly after sunset and on the opposite side, coming from the east. I do not see them every night since then, but they appear often and with lots of orbs.

These Light beams or rays were five on this evening, all coming from the east, which is not a direction lights come in at the beginning of the night. Well we did change a lot and the energies on the island were ajusting themselves. The strong transmittings from Chile were coming in now and cleaning and cleansing the energies the Rapa Nui hold for so many hundreds of years. Amazing to be a part of this!!!!

March 12 I leave for Moorea to stay with Papa Matarau and his family. I was invited to stay with the family and had a wonderful, intensive 8 days with them. Of course we went to the meditation spot on the beach on our first day together. I found out that Moorea was showing us its new lights too. Many people were surprised about the changes they were seeing and experiencing. YEYEYE!

I experienced the same beams or rays of light in the night sky in Moorea, you could feel that they were different than the usual light beams. They were softer then the Rapa Nui light rays, due to the high humidity in Moorea. They do not have these clear unpoluted skys as we have in Rapa Nui!!

With Apua, the eldest son of Papa Matarau (he was standing in the *medicin circle wheel* during the main Unity Grid Ceremony, holding the energies of the North, while his sister was standing in the South). I went to the spot on the beach to be, sit and meditate, till long after sunset, being completely dark as it can be in Polynesia

I made several pics and later they showed magical light beings, light beams, and many trillions of orbs at the spot we had our ceremony. Though it was weeks after this event the energy was seeable on my pics film!! We were very touched in our hearts

This is a detail of the above light form. I showed it to many people and always felt something happened in them, in Rapa Nui and in Moorea, touched in the heart I would call it. It really looks like a *walking* heart, with the 5 light beams being the number of humankind

Well, two days into my stay in Moorea one of Papa´s sons in law wanted to show me a very special rock, he knew from the tribe, was *the* heart rock of Moorea. With many of the family (every one comes along as usual, I love it!!) we went in search of the huge rock, after we got permission of the owner of the land. Papa spoke 30 minutes to and with the rock, I felt the energy rising and the elements answering, allthough I could not understand the polynesian words. Papa did not speak for 4 hours after that to us. It was a special moment for him too.

After speaking with the heart rock Papa kept silent for a long time

Iorana, Aloha! I greet you, I hug you, I love you all!!

Carolina Hehenkamp
Email: travel@indigokinder.de