It is not possible to describe in a few words our whole experience of 14 days of celebration, meditation and ceremony, but this sacred journey was a beautiful one!

Sharing my pictures with you!

Carolina on one of the last days, sitting on a sacred seat in a very sacred rock

Sacred Journey to Peru and Bolivia for the 11.11.11 Celebration at Lake Titicaca

Peru 11.11.11 our last day gratitude and love ceremony for Mother Earth - Pacha Mama with a Qeros Shaman Healer from high up in the Andean Mountains

Our Ceremony for the Water was held near the Uros floating islands on Lake Titicaca. Many boats with participants, shamans, healer, priest of the Incan and Andean Communities guided us into this amazing celebration of the Element of Water!

He was the main leading Priest coming from the Amazonian Jungle to be with us for all the 11.11.11 Celebrations

We were for one hour sitting, meditating in Ceremony on the wonderful reet boats they make on the Uros Islands of a reet type they call totora

Two Andean Shamans/Healers from Peru leading us in a wonderful preparation Ceremony.

Jose Luis explaining how the Uros islands were build as floating islands on the water of the sacred lake. They exist since many hundreds of years and each island is giving a living and work space to several families.

A typical Uros village on an island

Wind Ceremony

During the days 10 & 11.11.11 many groups were gathering together participating as One in the 11.11.11 Galactic Gateway Opening Ceremonies. Before and after this these ceremonies we were a smaller group travelling to Bolivia and Cusco, Machu Picchu and many other sacred ancient power places. Part of our group in Machu Picchu

Ceremony day - part of the group

11.11.11 we celebrate at Amaru Muru Galactic Portal a strong energy portal where we connect to other dimensions and you have yourself go into Dreamtime. In the morning we head for this sacred place and are around 400 participants.........

Sacred Rock - an spiritual entrance to the Amaru Muro Mountains holding the Galactic Portal.

After 10am the group goes into a flowing moving spiral and just before 11am gathers in circles.....11.11am is the moment to release the dream of peace, oneness and love, interconnection of dimensions, healing of all ancient pathways and freedom of all beings, seen and unseen

11.11.11 Celebration

11.11.11 Celebration

11.11.11 Ceremony part of our group

11.11.11 Celebration

11.11.11 Celebration

11.11.11 Celebration

11.11.11 Celebration

A day after the 11.11.11. Celebration we went back with my group to have some quality time alone at the Amuru Muru Portal. We all experience high energies and wonderful images to be very grateful for!! After this visit we begin our next adventure and "spiritual work" in Boliva near the Island of the Sun! Arrival at the Island.

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