many from the Waitaha Northland tribes had send an invitation by mouth to the spiritual family around the world. A special invitation was given to the group of people regularly travelling with Drunvalo Melchizedek to different countries, tribes and sacred spots. Well, August 2009 seemed to be the right moment for this gathering.

The Waitaha Grandmothers invited Drunvalo to ask his groups to participate and many came. But more then many came and arriving in Auckland on August 8 we seemed to be a really enormous family from over 30 countries, 140 participants with over 70 Waitaha family memebers and Elders, and Grandmothers. One big family.

Waitaha Family chanting in our dining hall

As travelling with so many people seemed to be too dificult, we mostly stayed for 12 days in a big Marae near the Hokianga Bay on the west coast of the North Island.

We had transport right in front of us, big colourful buses, but as we were many moving was not easy. And this was an invitation into something very special: a trip into the new energies, I am sure we will experience once we enter more and more into the future and what we call the new age!!

Once in the Marae, there was no program, no leader, no goal, no structure, besides the meals that started to be delicious after the kitchen got used to all the vegetarians and the number of people.

A big part of the group went into bliss, it was very exiting to be happy, flying, light and with nowhere to go, nothing to want and no programs and activities!! Heaven on earth, all this in one building, one Marae!!!

Some people did not coop so well with the high energies and had a hard time, there was a lot of complaning (a result of not coping with the energy??) and restlessness between parts of the group. So games, haka, dances, chanting and more were offered by dear loved ones who felt they could be of support to this part of the group.

Well it is difficult to describe in a few words the experience but it was a major one!!!

Here I share some pics, stories, songs, videos etc. with you!

Waitaha Grandmothers

Waitaha Journey: We gather in the auckland Marae. Welcome celebrations, singing, greetings and a wonderful sharing are our first steps on a path that we will go for 12 days together

Waitaha Grandmothers

Our beautiful busses got a wonderful place in front of the Marae and spend their time waiting

All our meals we gathered, over 200 people, in the dining hall of the Marae. It was bliss, party, joy and compassion pure!!!

Most of Waitaha Grandmother and Elder Hosts

Waitaha Journey: Hopi Elders Eric and Jane

Waitaha Journey: our dining, breakfast and lunch room

Waitaha Journey: Drunvalo and Ojasvin in the sacred river near Omapere. One day we walked there, 4 km, and a powerful cerebration was held, asking the ancient fish to come back from the ocean at high tide into the bay of the river, so the people would have food. Some younger family memebers stayed and waked at night at the river and came back to the Marae the next morning with good news. Many fish had come, even big ones!!

Waitaha Journey: Each Marae is full of carved sacred statues and tell the stories of the ancestors, the wind, the air, the earth and the wakas and the sky trails they have come from

Waitaha Journey: As we had no leaders, no guides, every one who felt he or she would like to speak or offer something, could do so. Sometimes Drunvalo spoke to the group.

Waitaha Journey: We visited and meditated at the Kauri Trees, they are ancient over 1000 year old trees that kept the mysteries and wisdom of the ancient tribes and Mother Earth. Very powerful to be with them and just sit and be. There are not so many left, but they are very sacred to the Maori and Waitaha families

Waitaha Journey: many children joint the group.

Waitaha Journey: The children of the Waitaha families showed us their dances and chants

Waitaha Journey: Night ceremony with the Waitaha Elder Te Porohau, who was our main male host.

Waitaha Journey: night ceremony

Waitaha Journey: to materialize the future we have to be together, eat together, sing together, sleep together, dream together. So we all slept in the Marae (120 in one Marae and 80 in another Marae) and enjoyed the wonderful choir in th night. It was cozy, relaxing and a joyful experience to wake up with so many around one, shower and get ready, have breakfast in our kitchen and just be together!!

Drunvalo in conversation with too lovely ladies from Russia

Waitaha Journey: Many wonderful people from New Zealand joined us on various days. Ualesi was one of them.

Waitaha Journey: Waitaha Grandmother with her grand daughter

Waitaha Journey: Ancient Maori Warrior with face tattoo's

Waitaha Journey: Walk to the sacred river

Waitaha Journey: Water ceremony

Waitaha Journey: water ceremony

Waitaha Journey: allthough it was winter, most of the people went into the cold water............

Waitaha Journey: later I found this on google earth when I checked the earth and the Hokianga harbour and all the places we had be doing ceremony. A clear large face appeared, a guardian of the entrance of the Hokianga river. It always has been a very important water way for Maori and Waitaha!

Waitaha Journey: Every country would show the group their songs. Here the South Americans are singing together! You can feel their hearts transmitting love!!!

Waitaha Journey: Te Porohau

Waitaha Journey: saying goodbye for now.........group pic

Waitaha Journey: my guidance show me a clear vision: go live in Waitangi Harbour, on the feminine side of the part of the land between the two rivers. Well..........that's what I did some months later, after accepting that my time in Rapa Nui/Easter Island seemed to be complete!