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11:11:11 Gathering Peru Fotos
Fotos Sacred Journeys 2002-2011
Honor Mother Earth & Father Sky
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Welcome to Oneness Travel for the Heart

We invite you to join us on our adventure journeys to the Polynesian Islands of Easter Island, Moorea and Tahiti; to Chile (South America), Bolivia and Peru or to New Zealand, Hawaii or Mexico.

Sometimes journeys to the magical Polynesian islands of the South and the North Pacific (Cook Islands, Western & American Samoa, Marquesian Islands or Tuamotus) is offered.

You will be participating in ceremonies at ancient sites often called Power Places, in front of sacred Moais, the famous statues of Easter Island, in meditations and healings in traditional and ancient caves, retreats at cascades and at Maraes, the ancient temples of the Maoris and Polynesiens.

The Songs of ancient spirit are calling souls back home. The connection to tribe poeple, Mother Earth and Father Sky and of course all our beautiful friends of the higher realms are the focus of all the journeys. trips.

Your soul can heal and reconnect to ancient wisdom, that was always inside of you! You will start to remember!!!!

We gather with beautiful Elders, accompagny them to their sacred spots at temples and pyramids. A big happenings around the important date of 21.12.2012 will be organized in Mexico at the Chichen Itza pyramid. Mayan Elders will be guiding the people there and everywhere in the world in at ceremony and show us the divine path into the NEW TIMES of Peace and Oneness.

Comfortable friendly hotels, lots of joy, fun and bliss will be part of all trips!

You will never EVER forget this adventure. You will feel alive and full of life force and....... you will feel the change - Inside and Outside!

Oneness for all